Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coone Shoot 2012

                                                           Heading to the coone shoot
                                                             Getting ready to shoot
                                              There all having a great time in the dark
                                                                  Waiting patiently


                                                                We've got baby's lol

Outdoors 2012

                                            Hot chocolate in the am :)
                                                              We are silly lol
                                                                            Troy boy
                                                         awww the breeze NERDS!!!
                                               Troy's arrow from shooting metal lol
                                                 Look at all those arrows and the pink hair

                                          Harley's all tuckered out, he's all sleepy lol

Playin in the mud!!!

These are pictures from this summer  the kids friends from wyoming came down for a week and hung with us. They turned our not done back yard into a big mud hole it was awsome. lol Love the memories. Thanks bina and adam for letting us keep your kids for a bitr. we love them.. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

elegant candles

Looking for something elegant and cheap well here is a project that i just love.
I got my candle holder at the dollar store and wrapped rubber bands around it in the design that i wanted. I took glass frost and and sprayed around the whole holder, i sprayed it twice let it dry completely ( you need to make sure you let it dry so that when you take the bands off it don't smear the frost) . I took off the bands and put the ribbon of my choice around and super glued in on. You can put the riboon on the top, in the middle or on the bottom, or you don't even need to put a ribbon on it your choice. Great for wedding decorations and special romancing nights with the hubby or dinner or just sioakinging and relaxing in the tub with some music and your candles. I hope you enjoy

cabin vaces

Do you love being out doors and the cabin look well here you go. I made these two candle holders in 45 minutes with my daughter. This project costed me $3.00.

You will need:
3-ribbon or twill
4-hot glue gun and glue
5-candles of your choice to put in the vace.

Plug in your glue gun as you get everything in order to do your project. Lay your twigs out in the order you want to put them on the vace then pick your ribbon of choice and if you want make a bow. When your glue gun is hot start gluing the twigs onto the vace in the order you want. You can put the twigs closer to each other or farther away. you can make your twigs all the same size again your choice. take your ribbon or twill and tie around the now twig vace, take the candles you want and drop in the vace, light and enjoy.

creative lights

Here are some great night lights that i have made for my daughter and some friends. I made them out of wine and crown royal bottles, and no i am not a alcoholic lol allthough some may think so because of all the bottles that i have to make my projects.
It was actually very simple to make these night lights.
things you will need:
1- Of course a glass bottle of any kind
2-A string of 20 lights or more if you need. ( Christmas lights or you can buy some at a
craft store)
3-Ribbon.( I like the wired ribbon, which i usually get from hobby lobby or any craft store.)
4-Hot glue gun and glue
5-Glass frost or spray paint your choice
6-Any design you want. (I make mine with the crickets)
7-Something to make the hole in the glass. (I use a glass drill bit that you can buy at
lowes or home depot.)
8-A creative mind
To start off make sure all the liquid is out and washed off including the label, let dry for a while.
Drill your hole in the back of your bottle where no one will see it when you display it (i put mine on the back closser to the bottom of the bottle). Get your design and lay it out as you want it on the bottle. Then start to apply your design to your bottle but wait if you are wanting to spray paint your bottle with a certain color you need to spray paint the bottle before this step and make sure it is completely dry. Take your string of lights ( colored or white) straigten them out and insert them one by one threw the hole you made in the back of the bottle( in bigger bottles you may need to get some floral wire and wrap around the string of lights so that they don't just fall to the botom of the bottle). Take the glass frost and spray the bottle all around even over your design, let dry completely but if you spray painted your bottle then you don't frost it you will need to get some spray modge poge and spray the bottle and let dry. Take your ribbon of choice and wrap around the bottom of the bottle with your hot glue gun. Take a peice of ribbon that will wrap around the neck of the bottle glue that as well. the final touch, Make your bow big or small your choice again and glue the bow onto the neck of the bottle where you wrapeed the ribbon around and there it is your new creative night light.
I hope you will enjoy this project as i did. My daughter loves hers and i love mine so heres to creative minds. Use your imagination a little and you will be surprised what you come up with.